Do you ever lie to technology? When? Why

Do you ever lie to technology? When? Why

There are lies, there are damned lies, and there are statistics. It would be comforting if lies were just one-off anomalies. Lying, though, is a habit. It’s an ingrained behavior fundamental to our nature. It’s woven into the fabric of our very existence, which we wear on our sleeves, and don in our swagger.

“I agree to the terms and conditions”.

“Yes I have read them”.

“Yes, I am above 18”.

We lie with intention. To deceive and manipulate others, to benefit ourselves and to cope with the painful tragedy of existence. We lie to ourselves. We lie to others. We lie to anything and anyone around us. Why would technology be any different?

Do people like me? They probably don’t want me around.

Am I doing a good enough job at work? I’m an impostor. They’ll catch on to me.

Do you love me? Ofcourse.

God loves you.

The most brilliant lies are often delivered with absolute unwavering conviction.

We lie with technology. In sharing our lives publicly, we curate, we present. We cull and select the brightest bits for others to gawk at. We amplify the caricature we want to breathe into existence on social media, because we can. Then we recline into our solitude and wrestle the hobgoblins of our minds.

We lie with delight. We lie to have fun. To escape reality. We adore lies. We make an adventure out of them. Why go small when you can go big. Put it on the silver screen. Stream it on the DVR. Play with it in a video game. It’s fun and it’s not real.

We lie to protect our privacy. We even automate our lying. There are apps that add random delays to our keystrokes because they help shield us from websites that can identify us from our finger patterns. What other solace do we have in a technological world that’s the possibilities of which were once relegated to the realms of divine fantasy and mythical belief.

God is omnipotent. God is omniscient, and on the day of reckoning will cast judgement. Infinite power in the hands of an infinitely divine being. What an incredibly fancy source of our anxieties and fears.

Technology, also, is omnipotent and omniscient. Atleast, it seems to be.

I don’t know much about God. He doesn’t write and He’s never sent me a text. He may exist and He may not. Who knows?

But, the internet exists. Technology exists. Algorithms run our world. Technology permeates it. Every aspect of our day. Every aspect of our lives. Where I could’ve found some semblance of hope of infinite power being in the hands of an infinitely divine being.

What am I to do when that power now rests in the hands of the fallible few. The autocrats, fascists and the budding nazis. Statesmen, billionaires and politicians.

Ofcourse we lie to technology. We just don’t lie enough.