How Computation Applies to my Interests

How Computation Applies to my Interests

Prompt: Write a blog post about how computation applies to your interest.


This is a blog post about how computation applies to my interest. My background is as a software engineer so I've always been very adept at applying computation to make money.

Tangential to that interest, though, are a whole slew of activities and modes of thinking that have become infected by the skills and techniques I've learnt as a software engineer and they continue to inform other aspects of my life.

Bullet Journaling & Personal Productivity

This is an example of what a week looks like for me. I track my time, sleep, health metrics, and habits.

It's an analog process. Some would call it painful. I wouldn't. It sits at the heart of my life and I run it like my operating system.

I've continued to make attempts to automate tracking of habits though, and increasingly find better ways of tallying up the data and being able to view them as infographics.

I also want to scale this approach to a larger variety of metrics, markers and trackers but there's limitations to how much I can achieve using an analog medium. It's also static in nature.

I'm a big believe in being able to utilise technology to create the next-generation of tools that improve our ability to track ourselves, introspect, journal and find ways to improve our lives in simple, small, automatic ways.

Computation is interesting to me, then, because there's enromous potential to making much smarter tools for journaling, and analysing ourselves and learning from it.


Note Taking

I take notes. I take notes on my daily life. I take notes on books or aticles that I'm reading. I take notes on ideas and thoughts and feelings and observations.

On the right is a mini-excerpt. I could've thrown a thousand. One amazing thing I've discovered, made possible and incredibly effective by computation, has been note-taking apps that use the concept of two-way hyperlinks.

This way it acts like a networked tool of thought. To be able to takes notes and connect and relate them across everything else and externalise a huge chunk of your brain onto an external medium is fascinating to me and I feel like it can help augment my creative capabilities. (And of anyone who uses it)

Computation for that reason is interesting to me as well. It makes it possible to develop a much better external brain that I can continue to grow and rely on that manages itself and easy to search, access, index.


Standup Comedy

I can confidently call myself a working standup comedian now. The same software from above, a networked tool for though, is something I was able to adapt to my own liking to visually annotate and overlay the structure of my jokes.

In this way I was able to use computing to adapt an existing piece of software to better suit my creative and writing process.


Then there's art. I'm interested in how computation can be used to create increasingly beautiful, intricate pieces of art that are geometrically appealing but also retain a random, organic quality to them.


Computation applies to a lot of me interests. In some areas I don't even know yet if I'll be able to apply them.

For me, It's not simply the code that I can think of as computation. It's the skills surrounding it relating to organisation, abstraction, repetition and the possibilities they create in and of themselves as modes of expressions or as a means to create tools that amplify our abilities that I'm fascinated by.