Week 2 - Aquaphobic Fish - Character Design Failures


When we had to ideate in class, I ended up coming with this fish concept which seemed easy enough to do.

Other Ideas

  • Strictly Pescatarian Shark



Struggling to come up with a good design through sketching.

I can draw abstract things fairly well but in trying to come up with a concept I worked through a number of drawings but was unable to think my way out of this.


Struggling to come up with a good design through 3D

I thought I'd try sketching this out in 3D and resolve the design after printing by kitbashing, or sculpting on top of it.

I didn't know blender so I had to work through a lot of blender tutorials and after spending over 10 hours trying to tinker, and learn the software and work through various tutorials.


What I ended up with broke my heart.

Back to the Drawing Board

Time constrains plus migraine attacks means I've missed a few classes and all the effort I've tried to pour into this isn't yielding a result as quickly as I'd want.

So I went through and redeveloped a moodboard and tried to come up with some new concepts. But this I would go about tackling in the work I do for Week 3