Assignment - Week 1

Write a “blog post” where you discuss at least one element of each story. You may consider the discussion questions below.


1 - What obstacle does the protagonist face?

The protaganist is mulling over the decision to run away. Her main obstacle are her own feelings of attachment towards the life she's comfortable with in the face of a future whose prospects she is entirely alien and accustomed to.

2 - What details in the story foreshadow Eveline’s final decision?

The tone is apprehensive. There's no excitement in it. Even in the consideration of a future her concerns are largely practical. The respect she might receive. There's no hint of eagerness and anticipation. Any mention of excitement is long in the past.

The second instance was mention of the the promise she had made to her mother which solidifies the conflict of the decision she's facing.

The Lottery

1 - Many details of the ceremony have been lost over time. Does the story contain any hints as to what it used to be?

The only mention in the story that I noticed was of the color of the box and that despite pleas to have it upgraded, improved or changed, the village had stuck to the tradition of keeping it as is which speaks to how important, central, immutable and deeply rooted the ceremony is to the village's tradition.

Everyday Use

1 - What is this story about? What is its essence?

The story is about the narrator observing and facing a clash with her daughter when she returns.

2 - Does the narrator present a full account of the interaction? When does she skip details? Do you find her entirely trustworthy?

I found the narrative difficult to read through and follow. As such I have no opinions on whether details were skipped or not. Although I wouldn't call the narrator entirely untrustworthy she is quite clearly opinionated and has a very specific view of the world and doesn't engage in any reflection of her views in relation to others.