Comedy Bit - I hate sad stories

Reinterpret, respond to, or expand upon “Eveline,” “Everyday Use” or “The Lottery” with an original work.

Medium of Choice

I'll either opt for a Live Performance (Standup Comedy) or a Comic. This depends on the time constraint and what a better final outcome ends up being.


Storytelling is a very useful skill in all arenas, even comedy. So far this has not been a skill I've managed to devote any time and attention to.

The main challenge with telling the story for a Standup Audience would be constrained by the rule of . Laughter is a great feedback mechanism for teasing out audience response but also understanding whether what you have to say is resonating with them.


I most likely will focus on The Lottery since the core idea behind it, "blindly following tradition" seems to be an important recurring theme in popular movies and life in general. Examples that come to mind would include "The Purge" but almost every aspect of our daily life also has us following blind traditions and it would be worthwhile exploring and examining it in more detail.

It would be great if this was possible to do with the use of an illustrative story.


  1. What is the essence of a story?
  2. Tell the story that precedes the story?
  3. What objects feature prominently in the story?
  4. Can you create an object and imbue it with significance?
  5. Somebody must pay?