News Re-Telling of Aladdin

News Re-Telling of Aladdin

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This is Philip Lee from ITP. That Rhymes. ITP Agrabah.

Our top story tonight. The Disappearance of Prince Ali Ababwa.

Prince Ali Ababwa was set to marry the princess of Agrabah, but has now been reported missing and the investigation has raised more questions than it has solved.

At his chambers, where he was last reported seen, the police have found signs of struggle, classified documents for the Agrabah National Archives and,

*Philip says, Confused*

I may be reading this incorrectly, copious monkey fur and an assortment of tiny monkey sized jackets.

Joining us now is the Director of the Agrabah Archives and advisor to the Sultan, Mr. Jafar Gandu Sorceror.

Hello Jafar


Hello Philip


Can you tell us more about these bizarre circumstances


Yes, Philip. Ofcourse. I am quite certain that the monkey fur does not belong to a human and the tiny jackets were definitely out of fashion…

*Jafar is Interrupted by Philip*


Perhaps you can focus on the elephant in the room.




Exasperated* The Disappearance of Prince Ali Ababwa


Ohhh. *Displeased* Do we still care about this? He’s a criminal and the documents recovered from his chambers further prove that he was responsible for a recent break-in and theft at the Agrabah Archives.


The one from 3 weeks ago?




The one which you assured us was a false alarm and that nothing was stolen.


I said nothing of the sort….

Jafar is cut off midway as Philip plays the clip*

Okay. That I did say. The Sultan forbade any mention of the incident as the Lamp, err, the objects are deemed classified under the Mystical Objects Act.


Mystical objects, like magic?




Like You? Pull a rabbit out of a hat


I’m not a birthday party sorcerer you imbecile! I can do magic. I keep things safe and secure. I protect the Sultan...


*Accusatory* Like you protected the Artifacts at “The Agrabah Archives?”


*Cornered and Flustered* This is why I insist that we apprehend Aladdin immediately.


Who’s Aladdin


Prince Ali! He’s an impostor. He stole the lamp! He’s using it to create the Prince Ali facade and has even gotten the princess, who until this point only wanted to marry ME, is now under his spell. LITERALLY.


Using this magical lamp that can create untold wealth and act as a weapon of mass co-ercion which until this point has been with the Royal Family and in posession…

*Philip is cut-off*


Be careful with your next sentence. You’re walking into treasonous territory


*Nervous* So. Aladdin? Ali Ababwa.


The criminal


The criminal.


That should be all.

Jafar clicks his fingers and the screen fades to black*

Prepared Sript


This is Philip Lee. Our top story tonight is the disappearance of Prince Ali Ababwa. Prince Ali Ababwa who was set to marry the princess of our great nation Agrabah this coming December has gone missing under what appear to be dubious circumstances.

The investigations have uncovered blueprints and forged access documents for the National Agrabah Archives at Prince Ali's Chambers. They also found identity documents for someone named Aladdin and a lot of, and I may be reading this incorrectly, monkey fur and various tiny monkey sized jackets.

The police now suspect foul play in the prince’s disappearance and a possible connection with the mysterious break-ins at the Agrabah Archives also known as the Sultan’s Booty Chambers

Joining us now is the Sultan's Counsel and the Vizier of the Kingdom of Agrabah, Mr Jafar Gandu-Person.

Philip: Hi Jafar, can you shed some light on this bizarre matter?

Jafar: Yes. The monkey fur and tiny jackets may have….

Philip: Maybe skip over the tiny jackets, for now?

Jafar: Oh yes. That. We have good reason to believe, based on evidence, that Prince Ali may have had a role to play in the recent theft at the Agrabah Museum Archives.

Philip: The recent theft? You mean the one you assured us in your last interview that nothing of value had been stolen?

Jafar: I'm sorry?

Philip: We can play the clip for you. *Plays a clip from earlier where Jafar unequivocally denies anything of value being stolen*

Jafar: Yes. I did not lie. Those items had no value. Also, the Sultan forbade their mention as the objects are deemed classified under the Mystical Objects Act.

Philip: Excuse me?

Jafar: They are magical items that have been kept contained by the royal family archives for over centuries.

Philip: Magical Items? Like, actual magic.

Jafar: Yes. Magic exists. I’m a sorcerer.

Philip: So you can pull a rabbit out of your hat?

Jafar: Not a birthday party sorcerer you imbecile. Like keep the king safe, add protection charms on and deal with advanced alchemy. I can turn you into a tiny jacket.

Philip: Let’s get back to the Mystical Objects

Jafar: They’re ancient artifacts we’ve locked away. In the hands of the wrong person they can cause damage. I believe this person they call Aladdin has stolen the lamp and has used its powers to put on the Façade of Prince Ali Ababwa and is trying to make his way into the royal family through nefarious means. Even the princess who had sworn to not get married is now seemingly under "his spell"

Philip: Excuse me, what? The lamp can do what?

Jafar: What?

Philip: You said the lamp can conjure like wealth and love. From the sounds of it you’ve described a weapon of mass coercion.

Jafar: Oh. Yes. Yes. I mean no. It is certainly a very powerful object

Philip: The kind of power that would, say, make the Sultan the Sultan. Would it be fair to say...

Jafar: I would caution you on your choice of words. You’re treading on treasonous territory.

Philip: Backtracking* So tell us about this theft, then. From our records we find that you were in charge of the security and being the “sorcerer that you are”. Brings up the records*  should have been able to protect it?

Jafar: Look at me Philip. *Jafar Flicks fingers and on-screen the evidence changes*. Read your evidence properly, no mention is made of me.

Philip: Confused What. We just reviewed this.

Jafar: What’s important to know is that Aladdin’s a thief and immigrant

Philip: Who bested you and stole incredibly powerful objects from right under your nose?

Jafar: Look at me Philip. This is about Aladdin. He has stolen a magical artifact and is using it to run interference on our sovereignty. I would caution everyone to exercise judicious care in finding and prosecuting him to the fullest extent of the law.

Philip: Well. That's all the time. Thank you for joining us. There we have it.