Rapid Prototyping - Yihan's Mealpal


Problem / Opportunity

FatChoy has a high volume of orders during the weekends but a low volume of orders during the weekdays.

Goal: Increase the volume of orders for FatChoy during the weekdays.

Value Proposition

Customers: Customers can pre-commit to purchasing meal credits in advance on a subscription.

  • 60 credits for $60 → 12 Meal Lunch
  • Can go as low as $5 per meal
  • Can claim for friends as well
  • Can roll over up to 10 meals per month
  • Unused credits can go to foodbank

FatChoy: Regular stream of income, easier to plan on a monthly basis, better utilisation of resources, increased customer base.

Underlying Magic

  • FatChoy meals are already cost-effective.
  • Fast meal preparation time
  • People can pickup lunch quickly

Business Model

Target Demographic: Focus on people who want affordable, low-cost lunches during the workday at a regular intervals.

Pay $60





Based on MealPal