Unity Sound Walk

Unity Sound Walk


Please post your virtual sound walk to simmer.io and write your blog posts (about the process of working as a team, your goals and aesthetic choices, etc.) by Sunday Night so that I can review them Monday and we can diagnose any build issues you may run into


I was lucky enough to be working with Philip who had the comfort level with Unity to set up a basic environment using . Our initial approach was to have a "two walks of life" showing a room where the player walked in Philip's room and the sound walk mirrorred his day and then follow the same process for me.

We quickly learned that we didn't have the skillset to implement this concept since our level design skills were practically non-existent and it took us very long to set up even a basic environment using existing materials.

Since the point of the sound walk wasn't heavy emphasis on visuals, Philip helped set up a basic environment and configured basic sounds. I decided to overlay them with a brief narrative structure that revolves around the player being woken up. This is a slight homage to the game design structure of Hitman & Portal where a narrative voice talking directly to the player gives them contex. I ended up mirroring a bit of Portal's grim sense of humor and tried to convey it here with my limited voice acting skills.


Challenges (Team)

  • Timezones were the main challenge. Other than that, Philip was pleasant to work and coordinate with. Being in close proximity would've made collaboration much easier.

Challenges (Individual)

  • Time: Our main constraint was time. We only have 10 hours each (max) to allocate to each module that we're taking. Currently we have 5 modules. 4 hours were spent in lectures / workshops and 1-2 hours were spent in meetings. We had 4 hours each to spend in fine-tuning the assignment.
  • Health Issues: Adapting to the timelines of projects has been stressful for me personally in terms of the pace at which I have to move. I'm learning to figure out how to prioritise and scope the incoming projects properly otherwise I can walk myself into dead ends. This triggered a chain of migraines that further limited my ability to work quickly. I am working on getting thi resolved, though.
  • Computer Performance: My laptop is very slow when working with Unity and regular tasks can often take very long simply because the computer is taking time to process it.

What went well

  • I am happy with the outcome given the time we had to spend on it, and the dead-ends we chased. We also found a creative way to add another layer to the sound walk given the basic nature of our environment.

What could've been done better

  • Better script for the narrative. For a 3 minute sound walk the
  • Better design in terms of how the player navigates the environment and is guided.
  • Better narrative sound design. Each 10-15 second audio clip took me about an hour to piece together