Week 4 - PCB Attempt 2




Attempting Again #1

Uploaded the program.

Bricked the AT Tiny

The entire circuit was working but I accidentally bricked the AT-Tiny trying to debug a minor program issue. Caused by changing the clock setting.

Lesson Learned: Moving fast and breaking things is great for software. Not much fun in hardware.

What was the prorgramming issue? The problem was caused by not changing the pins, since I had changed the design. I found this out by debugging using the ATTiny on the breadboard and exploring the design.


Attempting Again #2

Problems with The Machine

Broke most of my bits since the machine’s auto calibration was problematic. For some reason it just wouldn’t configure correctly and I tried milling atleast 8 boards without giving up and trying something else.


I resolved the milling steps by manually calibrating the machine and adjusting it accordingly.

I’d set the Z-Offset very high and then manually adjust the z-axis until it was calibrating correctly.