Week 7 - Final Project Presentation

Idea 1 - IOT Switch


I have a sleep phase disorder so I’ve to be very specific and careful with regulating my sleeping routines. Otherwise they start triggering migraines.

One of the ways I manage that is to regulate my daily rhythm.

One component of that includes smart switches and plugs in my house that regulate heating, lights, alarm.

Problems & Goals

  • Costly at $29. Want something cheaper.
  • Automate the Interface. Want to make it easier to set the behaviour of multiple devices


  • Battery Management (low power)
  • Battery Recharging (inductor coil)
  • Small Form Factor (for Invisibility)
  • Enclosure Design (for Motor)
  • Bluetooth (has to support Low Power)
  • Programming (commands over LoRA)

Sleep Data & Migraine Data


Idea 2 - High Voltage AVR Programmer


When I was working on the marquee project, I accidentally bricked my ATTiny and ended up destroying the PCB board trying to fix it.

When researching, I found that I could’ve built a High Voltage AVR Programmer instead of having to replace the ATTiny, and if I had more time. That’s what I would’ve done.

Bill of Materials

Hardware Components
Hardware Components