Week 9 - Alpha Build

IOT Switch

Reconsidered Goals

Plug & Play with Existing Servos. Reuse existing servos that I have lying around

Breadboard Prototype

Built a basic prototype and had it communicating over an Android Phone over bluetooth classic.


Also tested out the mechanism for turning the switch on and off.

  • Push Buttons: where you press the same button twice. Works properly, just need to calibrate it.
  • Switches: with the motor horn, can either turn a switch on, or off by placing it accordingly. A a sticker attachment to the horn to make it push and pull.


  • Calibrating Angle of Servo I want the pcb to provide plug-and-play support for a servo
  • Currently supports Classic Bluetooth (So only supports working with Android). iOS has issues with classic bluetooth communication and I’ve to figure out a way to use BLE.



Deadend - Early Schematic

I accidentally ordered the wrong ESP32 module.

  • Tried programming it over bluetooth for hours before realising that it doesn’t have bluetooth support.
  • Tried programming ESP32 over serial to have a working prototype but haven’t been able to.
  • image

WIP - Revised Schematic

Revised the schematic for the new ESP32


Next Steps

If Continuing with This Project

  • Order the correct ESP32 Module Parts
  • Program the ESP32 Chip This I don’t know how to do. The more I read, the less I know about this. I assumed that I could program over the Arduino Bluetooth interface.
  • Design a basic Motor Mount


  • Design & Build the High Voltage Serial Programmer


  • How to program the ESP32 Board?
  • Can I program the ESP32 Board over Bluetooth?